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Slow Food Presidium

It is a very particular and rare goat's milk cheese, produced with raw milk of Bionda dell'Adamello goat, a threatened but protected autochthonous breed. Historically linked to Val Saviore, a charming lateral valley of the Park, it is now produced everywhere in Vallecamonica. One of the particular features of this product derives from the smoking process, which is carried out by burning juniper branches and other autochthonous essences giving the cheese its unique taste and leaving the characteristic furrows of the grating on the rind. The translation of the name from the local dialect seems to be "small piece", as Fatulì indeed is. In 2007, the product became a Slow Food Presidium. The Presidium, promoted by Adamello Park, has involved 7 producers working according to traditional specifications.

The Producers
  Azienda Agricola
Agricultural Holdings - Angolo Terme (BS)
  Allevamento Caprini "Le Frise" di Martini Luigi
Agricultural Holdings - Artogne (BS)
  Azienda Agricola Guani Giovanni
Agricultural Holdings - Cevo (BS)
  Azienda Agricola Maffeis Federico
Agricultural Holdings - Cevo (BS)
  Azienda Agricola Bontempi Barbara
Agricultural Holdings - Prestine (BS)
  Azienda Agricola Maffeis Evaristina Caterina
Agricultural Holdings - Cedegolo (BS)

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