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Tourism in Verona...

Verona, a town with over two millennia of history, is today the second town in Venetia for the liveliness and importance of its economic activities, as well as an international tourist destination.
The gentle bends of the river Adige crossing it and the hills surrounding it in the north convey beauty and landscape harmony.

Favored by its geographical position, it probably had a Rhaeto-Etruscan and Euganean nucleus. However, the first certain information about it date back to the 4th century BC.

During the Roman Age it was a major political and trading center which has left us splendid evidences, from the Arena to the Roman Theater, from Arco dei Gavi to Porta Borsari, from the archeological area of Porta Leoni to the one of Scavi Scaligeri. The latter, situated in the middle of the town close to piazza Erbe, became during the Middle Ages the center of the political and administrative power, and here we can find - harmoniously one next to the other or melted - traces of different periods: from the Roman ruins to the big 18th-19th century palaces, from medieval architecture, to the architecture which flourished under the Scaligeri, to Renaissance-style architecture.

An interesting but not very known part of the town are the ancient walls, of which considerable stretches remain in good conditions; with always larger perimeters according to the building period, they give a particular aspect to the town and give us the opportunity to reconstruct its history.


Art and Culture

Verona has always meant culture: several institutions, like Biblioteca Civica and Capitolare (whose Scriptorium was already active in the 6th century AD), the Philharmonic Academy (the most ancient one in the world) and Fondazione Arena, the Literary Society and the ancient Accademia d'Agricoltura, Scienze e Lettere, the University and the Conservatory maintain the town cultural activities alive. Its visitors have always been many, and some of them illustrious like Dante, Mozart, Goethe, and Ruskin.
Verona attracts visitors from all over the world with its Arena, with the myth of Romeo and Juliet, with its refined beauty.

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