Parco dell'Alpe Veglia e dell'Alpe Devero

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31/Centopiedi - Val Divedro - Alpe Veglia

31/Centopiedi - Val Divedro - Alpe Veglia
31/Centopiedi - Val Divedro - Alpe Veglia

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Twenty walks and tours on foot

Val Divedro has two faces: the rightly celebrated and popular face of Veglia and the marginal face of Ovigo, legitimately called "wild" by Marina Morandin, the author of this guidebook. On the first one, a lot has been written, while the second has almost remained buried in the centuries-old silence. At Alpe Lorino (one of the twenty itineraries of the guidebook), I arrived almost fifty years ago coming from Val Bognanco, looking for the right pass to connect the two valleys along "Alta Via delle Alpi Ossolane", prodrome of GTA and Camminaitalia. It is an ideal observation point facing the whole Val Divedro, with Mt. Leone dominating and the series of summits as sentinels.
  • Series: Centopiedi / 31
  • Author/s: Marina Morandin
  • Publisher: Danilo Zanetti Editore
  • ISBN: 9788895302942
  • Pages: 96
  • Size: 11x16cm
  • Year: 2012
  • Price: 6.00 €  

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