Tremosine Cheese

Product: Semi-fat cheese with a semi-cooked texture.
Production Area: Tremosine Plateau in Alto Garda Bresciano Park.
Maturation period: Not less than 30 days.
Quality: Characteristic cheese produced in Tremosine, with a soft texture with holes, a fragrant taste, and a delicate perfume of mountain meadows essences. It is produced with fresh cow's milk obtained in the Tremosine Plateau, in the heart of Alto Garda Bresciano Park. Maturation process in premises with selected molds, giving origin to an extraordinary and very digestible product.
Conservation: In rounds, in premises with a controlled temperature.
Ingredients: Milk, milk enzymes, curd, and salt (natural product with no additives nor preservatives).

  • Nutritional value:
    Proteins 24 g
    Fats 30 g
    Carbohydrates less than 1 g
    Mineral Salts 4 g
    Energy 371 kcal

- values regarding 100 g of product
- values subject to changes according to the production date and maturation process
Rounds: from about 1.4-1.8, diameter 16-18 cm, lateral side 5-7 cm.
Trade Mark (Registered): Formaggella Tremosine with cross in the middle, obtained during the production process on the flat side of the round.

Tremosine cheese
Tremosine cheese
The Producers
Typology: Agricultural Holdings
Locality: Tremosine (BS)
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