Points of Interest

Historical-artistic Monuments

Poretti Brewery
Liberty industrial complex dating back to the year 1901, designed by F.lli Bihl from Stuttgart. The work was commissioned to them by Angelo Poretti, who founded in 1877 the whole industrial complex.

Brinzio and Castello Cabiaglio
Rural towns of very ancient origins, preserving their charm. Castello Cabiaglio, where the painter Giovan Battista Ronchelli (1715-1788) was born, preserves some of his frescoes in the parish church of S. Appiano.

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Religious Monuments

S. Francesco Monastery
Ancient monastery founded by the Franciscans on Mt. S. Francesco, around the half of the 13th century. Since the period of F. Borromeo, only ruins have remained. (Velate)

Ganna Abbey
Born like a chapel in the 11th century, it soon became a Benedictine monastery of great religious and social importance, with a small pentagonal cloister dating back to the 13th-14th century, welcoming the pilgrims passing through Valganna.

Sacred Mountain and Chapels of the Rosary's Mysteries
(UNESCO World Heritage since 2004 and symbol of Varese)
The characteristic town was born as a Roman stronghold, and then became a spiritual, artistic, and cultural center in the period of Borromeo. You can reach it by walking along an evocative climbing road marked by the Chapels of the Rosary's Mysteries.

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Villa Recalcati
Provincia di Varese - Piazza Libertà, 1 - Varese - Tel. 0332/252270
The 18th century Villa Recalcati, housing the headquarters of the Province of Varese, lies in one of the most beautiful areas of Varese, exactly in the area Casbeno, on the slopes descending towards the Lake. We do not have precise historical information on the period in which the villa was built and on the architect planning it. However, if we analyze the style of the building carefully, we can say that it was built in the 17th century and restructured in the second half of the 18th century.

Villa Toeplitz
Villa Toeplitz is situated in the district of Sant'Ambrogio. It was built in 1927 in an eclectic style and was enriched by a park characterized by showy fountains and water games.

Villa Ponti
Biumo Superiore - Varese
The complex of Ville Ponti includes Villa Napoleonica and Villa Sant'Andrea. Belonging to different periods, the first one dates back to the 17th century, while the second one was built in the second half of the 19th century. Together, they represent the greatest meeting complex existing in Varese.
The structure is surrounded by an English park where there is also a small natural lake.

Villa Della Porta-Bozzolo
Belonging to FAI, the villa, known above all for the wonderful Italian-style garden dating back to the first half of the 17th century, has stairs, fountains, water itineraries, and a particular frescoed aedicula. Of great interest the rural aspects, the ice house, and the monumental press. Within the villa there are frescoes from Magatti's workshop, a painter from Varese, and period furniture.

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Sacred Mountain

Santa Maria del Monte (or Sacro Monte - 883m) is one of the mountains of Prealpi varesine, immediately in the north of Varese.
A Municipality until 1927, absorbed then by Varese, lies in Campo dei Fiori Regional Park.
Santa Maria del Monte, UNESCO heritage, is a place of worship, especially dedicated to the Madonna.

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