Parco Intercomunale delle Colline Carniche

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What to Do in the Park...

What to Do in the Park...

The Park is an ideal place to carry out cultural and naturalistic tours suitable for visitors of any age.
It has a network of existing trails and trails undergoing renovation, touching both naturalistic and historical places, open panoramas and particular views. Among the new sports activities, in the Park you can now practice nordic walking. Some of these trails are also suitable for tours by Mountain Bike; in these places, the MTB race called "Gran Fondo" is held.

It is also possible to carry out tours on horseback using as a base the manège situated within Villa Santina Pinewood, also known because horse therapy is practiced here.
You can also reach the Park areas by car: as a matter of fact, the poles of the network are provided with parking areas and are charming and creative places, equipped and accessible. They are real access points to the Park, where you can leave your car and where it is possible to concentrate the tourist services, without invading the most valuable Park areas.

The Municipalities involved by the Park area enlargement have started integrated hotel solution projects through the recovery of buildings in the town centers, that will be connected with the trails and strategic points to start a coordinated and integrated use of the territory.
Integrated hotel solutions are a new tourist accommodation model where accommodation structures are obtained from already existing buildings, with different features but depending on one reception. The buildings, entirely renovated, offer their guests the opportunity to stay in ancient town centers full of history and culture, to appreciate the territory, live at direct contact with residents, feel part of the neighborhood, share custom and traditions. The accommodation structures have equipped kitchen and autonomous heating system; they are exclusively used by the guest making the reservation. The hotel-like service includes the change of bedroom and bathroom linen twice a week, electricity and heating costs. It is also possible to have special prices in restaurants and characteristic structures where you can taste the dishes of the rich local gastronomy, for guided tours in the surroundings, for the use of picnic areas and the practice of sports activities.

Small Lakes and Sports Facilities

Within Villa Santina pinewood there are an artificial lake - if you like fishing - using the canals of an ancient sawmill and a manège, which is the second regional horse therapy center.
Moreover, there are a football field, a bowls field, a life trail, a refreshment point, and playgrounds. The pine wood is also used as a practice and training area for "orienteering" tests.
In the future, the small lakes will be used for ice skating in winter.
Guided routes give the opportunity to discover the typical and most interesting vegetal species (Orchids, ear-shaped Monkshood, Plantain, Thistle-cabbage, etc.)


It is the northest gliding camp in Italy after Sterzing and Bolzano: located in Tagliamento Valley, it is only 10 km from Tolmezzo, 50 km from Udine, 56 km from Tarvisio and 15 km for the exit of the motorway at Amaro. Its alpine climate has no fog or strong thermal inversions, with windy and rainy days in the Alps' average: 100 days a year and 1500 mm of rain.
It is about 12 km far from the ski station of Mt. Zoncolan (1,740 mt). and 22 km from the highest mountain of Carnia, Mt. Coglians (2,780 mt).
It is situated next to the border between Italy and Austria, in a land full of woods, grazing lands and malghe.


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