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Visitor Centers

The Park Visitor Centers

Three Visitor Centers with free entrance, all provided with a bookshop selling books and publications dealing with the local historical and naturalistic features, guidebooks for the identification of plants, mushrooms, and animals, hiking and vegetation maps of the Park and the adjacent areas. Moreover, they sell local products, gadgets, and promotional material. The Centers provide general information on the naturalistic, geological, and historical features regarding the Park, the creation of the protected area, the legislation regulating it, the paths, the guided tour service, and the activities promoted by the Park. They also provide animation activities for children and adults in order to make them aware of the value and the meaning of the protected area for the preservation of the territory. The Centers in Pianaccio and Pian D'Ivo are equipped with material and equipment to carry out laboratories in the field.

Visitor Center Location        
Pian D'Ivo Visitor Center Pian D'Ivo Visitor Center

Lizzano in Belvedere (BO)     
Visitor Center in Pianaccio Pianaccio Visitor Center and Enzo Biagi Documentation Center

Pianaccio (BO)     
Poggiolfiorato Visitor Center Poggiolforato Visitor Center

Lizzano in Belvedere (BO)     
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