Medicinal Plants

Leaves and flowers for a natural well-being
These small plants grow spontaneously or are cultivated by skillful hands in the respect of the ecological balances. They represent a very important resource not only for their healing properties and for their several uses in cooking and natural cosmetics, but above all because their survival enables the preservation of an important heritage of ancient wisdom: herb teas, decoctions, medicines obtained from leaves, flowers, or seeds, but also tasty flavorings, ointments, perfumes, and aromas to bring back to life the knowledge of the past, combining modern times with traditions.

On the huge grassy mantle at the foot of Corno alle Scale, or higher, where the meadows give way to a vegetation made of bushes and shrubs, it is possible to find several species with pharmacological properties collected by expert hands which, according to popular habits, attribute a quality to each plant.
Let's start with Tyhme. Symbol of courage and elegance according to classical mythology, it grows on rocky and sunny soils and is known above all for its characteristic aroma used to prepare perfumes and flavorings. The violet flowers of Savory, equally perfumed, enrich the meadows during the summer. More common are the Fennel, whose seeds are used to prepare digestive teas, and the rosemary. The latter, picked up directly from the plant, gives an unmistakable intense fragrance enriching tasty dishes. The antibacterial properties of Rosmarinus Officinalis are known since ancient times: it was considered an antidote against the illness infections and its flowers were often used by ladies as decorations. The history of Sage is equally interesting: it is very widespread in our territory. Sacred plant of longevity, the Sage has been named after its healing properties, so powerful that could "save" those who used it.

The Producers
Typology: Agricultural Holdings
Locality: Lizzano in Belvedere (BO)
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