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Tastes of Land and Sea

The cuisine and products of Delta Po Park are simple and essential: vegetables, rice, river and sea fish, but above all mussels have always characterized an area that has tried to optimize a territory which, because of the whims of the river Po, it was difficult to manage in the past. On the other hand, it is exactly thanks to the river that the area has become fertile and has enabled the production of quality products like rice, cultivated from time immemorial, garlic, and a niche product like the sweet potato, lately rediscovered also by refined cuisine. However, you cannot visit the Delta without eating fish: mussels and clams, sea bass, sea bream, eels, grilled or in more or less elaborate dishes are served in the local restaurants and trattorias. Moreover, if you really want to discover the Delta, you can experience recreational fishing activities in the channels and lagoons of the Po Delta, observe the mussel farmers working, fish and have lunch with the fish you have caught in the so-called cavane, the traditional fishermen's huts.

Tastes of Land and Sea
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Melara Pumpkin
Polesine is an area suitable for the cultivation of pumpkins, especially in the areas of the Po Delta and the upper Polesine. The most cultivated types are: Butternut pumpkin and Buttercup. The Butternut pumpkin is characterised by a club shape, elongated...
Category: Vegetables and Legumes
PDO Polesine White Garlic
The PDO Polesine whie garlic is the bulb vegetable of Allium sativum L. species, in the local white Polesine ecotype and in the Ivory variety. It could be distinguished by its bright white colour, its bulb shape, the high yield in dry substance which...
Category: Vegetables and Legumes
PGI Chioggia Radicchio
The Chioggia radicchio ("radicio de Ciosa" in Chioggia dialect) has large, rounded leaves, of a more or less intense red colour and a sweet or slightly bitter taste, which make up a spherical heart, sometimes flattened at the apex. It recalls the shape...
Category: Vegetables and Legumes
PGI Lusia Lettuce
PGI Lusia Lettuce belongs to the Asteracee Lactuca Sativa family, and comes in two varities: Capitata or Cabbage and Crispa or Leaf Lettuce.
Category: Vegetables and Legumes
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