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Further Caves

  • Vergozzino Cave. The cave opens at about 200m from Scoppieto archaeological excavations and is a training camp for the young CAI speleologists.

  • Vergozzo Abyss. It is a karstic cavity formed by a sort of swallow hole. It is situated near Civitella del Lago, in the middle of a chestnut tree wood.

  • Fosso di Callarano. In the same area there is a swallow hole called Callarano or Callaruccio, characterized by a particular phenomenon taking place when there are particular weather conditions: as a matter of fact, when the temperature pressure varies, a column of vapor comes out of its mouth. Local people use this phenomenon to make weather forecasts.

  • Buche del Vento. Situated along a trail connecting Civitella del Lago with Morruzze, in the south of Vallone della Pasquarella, they are four/five cavities (horizontal and vertical) opening on the slope of Mt. Citernella, whose feature is to let out air due to the movement of underground stream currents feeding wells of drinkable water which are currently used for the aqueducts of lower Umbria.

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