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Birindella Peach

PAT - Traditional Agri-Foodstuffs

Features: The plant has a variable height and, if it is left growing freely, can reach 4-5m of height. It has a smooth trunk with greenish branches that become reddish if exposed to the sun. It has lanceolate leaves, green in their upper part and grey in the lower part, with serrated edge. The fruit is a round drupe divided by a deep cut and covered with the characteristic tomentum. The pulp is white and with a good consistency, less adherent to the stone than the common commercial varieties. The aroma and taste are unique. Birindella peach has gradually disappeared from our tables because it is difficult to preserve.

Production Area: Val di Magra

Curiosities: A relative of the apricot, the peach Prunus persica comes from China. It was brought to Italy during the Christian period and was immediately appreciated. There are many varieties, different for the color of the pulp and the skin. Rich in vitamins and mineral salts, it is useful to detoxicate the organism. Its wonderful flowers, that have inspired many famous songs, were used in ancient times together with its leaves to clean both stomach and intestine. However, there were cases of poisoning caused by the amygdaline they contain, from which the very poisonous hydrocyanic acid derives. Birindella peach can be used to prepare jam or fruit in alcohol.

Recipe: Peaches in alcohol
Ingredients: 1 kilo peaches without the stone, 1 kilo sugar, 200dl alcohol. Preparation: peel the peaches and put them into boiling water, cut them in two, and take the stone out. Put them into glass vases alternating with sugar strata. After 48 hours, add the alcohol. Close hermetically and store in a dark place. Do not open before one month.

The Producers
  Cooperativa Fratellanza Agricola
Agricultural Holdings - Sarzana (SP)

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