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Cenerino Bean

PAT - Traditional Agri-Foodstuffs

Features: Senerìn is a climbing bean, that is characterized by an indeterminate growth. It has a flat pod, 15-20cm long. The ash-colored seed, from where the dialect name senerìn derives, is small, about 1cm long. If used when it is green, it must be boiled: it has a creamy consistency, a delicate and buttery taste.

Production Area: Val di Vara (La Spezia)

Curiosities: Characteristic bean of the inland of La Spezia, it is presented every year, together with other varieties, during the event "Gli orti di Pignone", held in the first week of September. It is one of those ancient varieties cultivated today only by a few enthusiasts who jealously preserve the seed. It is very good boiled and flavored with oil or stewed together with sausages.

Cultivation: Beans are sown in furrows, from late April to late June. According to a rural tradition, beans - above all beans you want to preserve for the winter - should be sown after St John day, June 21st: in this way, they won't have lice: as a matter of fact, after St. John day the weather conditions are worse for the development of these small phytoparasites. Before sowing, usually the soil is fertilized with manure rich in nitrogen, but above all in potassium. When the plant is about 20-30cm high, it is "tutored", that is supported with branches of about 2.5m. The harvesting, in June-July, is manual. Beans can be picked up when they are green or can be left partially drying on the plant and picked up at the end of August, completing the dyring on the terraces.

Recipe: Always present in soups, they have a high nutritional value.
Bean soup: 500g beans, rosemary, garlic, half glass oil, dry bread, dry mushrooms, onion. Leave the beans soaking for one night. Cook them in abundant salted water. Fry the onion, the rosemary, the garlic, and the mushrooms. Pour everything into the pan with the beans, add a bit of salt and pepper. Eat with toasted bread, Grana Padano cheese, and if you like, a bit of oil.

The Producers
  Azienda Maria Luisa Bianchi
Agricultural Holdings - Lerici (SP)
  Azienda agricola biologica Verdi di Nedo Mannucci
Agricultural Holdings - Battifollo (SP)

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