Hikers' Vademecum

The Park and the Foresters suggest not to leave the marked trail

(Manarola - Sede, 14 Sep 18)

Here are the rules of the Foresters and of the Park for a proper use of the trail network, frequented by many Italian and foreign tourists, with similar characterists to mountain trails

Evocative and extraordinary, the Cinque Terre Park is like that. And it is known above all through its various paths overlooking the sea, close to the hamlets, in thhe mountains that degrade, sometimes abruptly, on the rocks and then in the crystalline sea. Here are some precautions for walking safely.

  1. Choose itineraries according to your physical and technical skills

  2. Read up the characteristics of the path by taking information through the study of the topographic map (distances, gradient, springs, fountains, shelters, etc.) and by asking for information on its actual practicability. Study any alternative itinerary for the return

  3. Take appropriate clothing and equipment depending on the effort and the length of the itinerary (replacement underwear, fleece, anorak, gloves, hat, boots, sunglasses, sunscreen, food supplies)

  4. Do not forget to put in your backpack the necessary items for any emergency situations (heat cloth, headlamp, mobile phone, knife, compass, etc) together with a small first aid kit

  5. Do not start an excursion alone and in any case tell a trusted person the itinerary you plan to take

  6. Get information on weather forecasts by consulting our weather page or the website with particular attention to high temperatures.

  7. If you have any doubts about the itinerary, come back. Sometimes it is better to give up than risk the danger of bad weather. Remember, however, that it is forbidden to wak in adverse weather conditions as you could put your own and others' safety at risk

  8. Take back always your waste

  9. Respect the flora and fauna. Respect local cultures and traditions

  10. Never leave the marked trail.

  11. For emergencies call the 112, emergency service

  12. Always keep your pets on a leash.


Before starting an excursion, visit the page with all the information on the Park trail network, updated in real time: in the link to the CINQUE TERRE PATHS GUIDE you will find all the thematic itineraries, the coast and the ridge paths with their data sheets (practicability, difficulty level, duration, points of interest).

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Tips to fight the heat

·         Avoid going out and exercising during the hottest hours of the day (from 11 am to 7 pm).

·         If possible, go a few hours a day in shaded and ventilated outdoor areas or indoor with air conditioning (avoiding the use of mechanical fans in case of high temperatures).

·         Protect your head from the sun with a hat and use sunblinds in your car.

·         Drink a lot of water, at least one and a half liters/two liters a day, even if you do not feel the need, avoiding carbonated, sugary, too cold or alcoholic drinks, as they increase sweating;

·         During the day, use curtains to keep out the sun and close the windows and shutters, keeping them open during the night.

·         Make light meals, preferring fruit, vegetables, fish, pasta and fruit-based ice creams and reducing meat, fried and very seasoned and spicy foods.

·         Wear light, non-adherent light-coloured cotton or linen clothes with no synthetic fibers.

·         Do not modify or suspend your treatments without consulting your doctor.

·         Do not take saline supplements without consulting your doctor.

·         Avoid sudden changes in body temperature (for example, going sweaty in a conditioned department store), do not breathe with your mouth open but only with your nose.

·         If you are suffering from diabetes, carefully expose yourself to the sun, to avoid burns' risk.

·         In case of headache caused by sun exposure, bathe immediately with fresh water to lower the temperature.

·         If you are suffering from chronic diseases (diabetes, hypertension, heart failure, chronic bronchitis, kidney disease) consult your family doctor to find out about any particular behaviour or specific dietary measures.

Hikers' Vademecum
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