Cinque Terre DOC Wine

Cinque Terre DOC Wine
Cinque Terre CDO Wines
DOC - Controlled Designation of Origin

The thousand-year-old cultivation of the grapevine represented for the Cinque Terre an element able to deeply change its appearance.
In fact, in the past, agriculture was the main activity in this area, and it was especially dedicated to the grapevine cultivation. In some areas olive trees and citrus trees were also cultivated, together with vegetables in some plots. Th highest areas were (and still are) covered with woods that supplied the villages with spontaneous fruits (especially chestnuts), wood and leaves that were used to fertilize the soil cultivated with vineyards.

Further information

The ProducersLocality;
 Azienda Agricola Cantina dei TobioliManarola (SP)
 Azienda Agricola Forlini CappelliniManarola (SP)
 Azienda Agricola Luciano Capellini Cantina del Vin BunManarola (SP)
 Azienda Burasca di Cesare ScorzaManarola (SP)
 Cantina CrovaraManarola (SP)
 Cooperativa Agricoltura 5 TerreManarola (SP)
 Azienda Agricola A SciàMonterosso al Mare (SP)
 Azienda Agricola VetuaMonterosso al Mare (SP)
 Azienda SassariniMonterosso al Mare (SP)
 Società Agraria BurancoMonterosso al Mare (SP)
 Società Semplice Agricola BegastiMonterosso al Mare (SP)
 Azienda Agricola Albana la TorreRiomaggiore (SP)
 Azienda Agricola CampograndeRiomaggiore (SP)
 Azienda Agricola Possa di Samuele Heydi BonaniniRiomaggiore (SP)
 Azienda Agricola Terre SospeseRiomaggiore (SP)
 Azienda Vitivinicola Cantine LitànRiomaggiore (SP)
 Azienda Walter De BattèRiomaggiore (SP)
 Vignaiolo Fino RiccardoRiomaggiore (SP)
 Azienda Vinicola La PolenzaCorniglia (SP)
 Azienda Agricola CheoVernazza (SP)
 Azienda Arrigoni RiccardoLa Spezia (SP)
 Azienda GiulianiFosdinovo (MS)

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