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Visiting Portofino Park

You can reach the heart of the Promontory of Portofino Mountain exclusively by following the thick network of trails crossing it. Over 70 km of itineraries developing in about 1,000 hectares and giving the opportunity to visit the various localities of the Park.

Leaving from the main gates of the Park (S.Rocco, Portofino Vetta, Nozarego, Portofino), you can reach by public means of transport or by your own car, you can start various itineraries - of various length and difficulty - crossing the Park to reach locations like Punta Chiappa, San Fruttuoso, Portofino, the favorite destinations for hikers.

The itineraries mainly consist of ancient paved trails or dirt roads used to reach places of religious worship (S.Fruttuoso, S.Nicolò, La Cervara), to link the various towns, and reach the places of rural work (olive groves, woodlands and charcoal piles, maquis, and pastures).
The main itinerary of the network is represented by the main route Portofino Vetta - Portofino mare, crossing the whole promontory from north-west to south-east.
Several routes running along the coast and crossing the towns leave from it.

Along these trails, as you leave the noise of the city traffic, you will gradually reach the silence, fragrances, and colors of the nature of the Park, an uncontaminated oasis just a few dozen km from the urban area of Genoa.

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Itineraries in the Park

Trails, itineraries, environments, and localities.

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Georef.  ItineraryTypology Interest
Lower Ring-routeLower Ring-routeOn foot On foot
 Nozarego - PortofinoOn foot On foot
 Paraggi - PortofinoOn foot On foot
 Portofino Vetta - Bocche - FelciaraOn foot On foot
 Portofino Vetta - Monte PortofinoOn foot On foot
Portofino Vetta - Pietre Strette - Base O - San FruttuosoPortofino Vetta - Pietre Strette - Base O - San FruttuosoOn foot On foot
Portofino Vetta - Portofino marePortofino Vetta - Portofino mareOn foot On foot
San Rocco - Batterie - San FruttuosoSan Rocco - Batterie - San FruttuosoOn foot On foot
San Rocco - Pietre Strette - San FruttuosoSan Rocco - Pietre Strette - San FruttuosoOn foot On foot
 San Rocco - Punta ChiappaOn foot On foot
San Rocco - Toca - Pietre Strette - San FruttuosoSan Rocco - Toca - Pietre Strette - San FruttuosoOn foot On foot
Upper Ring-routeUpper Ring-routeOn foot On foot

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