Riserva Naturale Boschi del Giovetto di Paline

Azzone - Giovetto

Old Charcoal Piles

  • Trail Conditions: On foot

    The tour starts from a small square near the Reserve Visitor Center. After the church, walk on beyond the sportsground along a comfortable carriage way, among meadows which during the spring are covered by the wonderful flowers of the Crocus. The flat road goes ahead for about one kilometer up to the location "Rasega". Further on you reach a junction, on the left a mule track leads to the barns of Some and to Mt. Negrino; on the right, the road goes beyond Val Giogna and enters the Reserve by diagonally crossing it up to Giovetto and marking its border for a long way. After a crossroads with a road which, on the right, leads to the country ward of Dosso, the itinerary develops within wonderful silver fir high forests rich in many young plants. A little farther on, it is possible to carry out an interesting comparison between the wild wood (uphill) where trees have not been cut and there are many trees damaged by wind and snow, and the wood which is managed (downhill). The road becomes now rather comfortable and leads to a pretty clearing used as grazing-land: this is the location "Giuadel", where one can stop in the rest area before reaching Giovetto, which is a few hundred meters away.

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