Riserva Naturale Boschi del Giovetto di Paline

Identity Card
Surface Area: 675,00 ha
Provinces: BG, BS
Establishment: 1985
  • Costone Goats (photo by RR Boschi del Giovetto Palline)
  • Toys at Roccolo (photo by RR Boschi del Giovetto Palline)
  • Malga del Costone with Presolana (photo by RR Boschi del Giovetto Palline)

The Nature Reserve is situated at the eastern edge of Alpi Orobie.
It is very interesting from a geological point of view, since it is rich in sedimentary Triassic formations mainly consisting of clayey-marly deposits which can be easily eroded and which give birth to rounded shapes and not very steep slopes. For short stretches it is also rich in less degradable calcareous-marly deposits outcropping in the steepest areas. The vegetation of the Nature Reserve is characterized by three main parts: woodlands, bushes, and grasslands.

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