Cala Rotonda Cave

Spot 20 - Favignana Island

  • Trail Conditions: Diving
  • Depth: - 14 m
  • Difficulty Level: easy-intermediate

Type: coast, cave
Fauna: groupers, shi drums, brown meagres, Mediterranean rainbow wrasses, white seabreams, flathead gray mullets, gilt-headed breams, hairy crabs, moray eels, congers, common octopuses, pearly razorfish, salema porgies, nudibranchs, sea urchins (all the summer), common lobsters (June), greater amberjacks (September)
Sessile fauna: Parazoanthus; Astroides; Sea anemones
Min. depth: 0m
12.00 meters Cave Intermediate easy
This diving activity is considered one of the easiest. Despite this, this cave reserves pleasant surprises. The entrance, situated at a depth of 8 meters, can be reached both by land and by sea. The entrance ceiling is covered by astroides and parazoanthus. The cave is about 30m long and has its exit in the surface. Inside it, you can meet shidrums, some brown meagres, and sometimes congers and moray eels. When you go in, on the right, you will see several shrimps and Narwal shrimps, and it is also possible to sight some Mediterranean slipper lobsters. The rocks situated before the exit on the cliff are the house of some common hermit crabs and some European spider crabs.

PDF Plan of the diving spots in the island (PDF - 132Kb)

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