Riserva Naturale Orientata La Timpa

Identity Card
Surface Area: 225,34 ha
Provinces: CT
Establishment: 1999
  • The Cave of the Columns (photo by RR La Timpa)
  • Cave along the coast (photo by RR La Timpa)
  • Downhill trail of Via Acqua del Ferro (photo by RR La Timpa)

The Sea at the Foot of Etna

The Timpa of Acireale reveals its real nature to an expert eye through a series of natural geological and volcanologic phenomena summarizing the history of Etna, the biggest volcano in Europe. The last spur of a complex system of step faults, beginning from the central crater on the eastern slope and plunging its lava in the sea, the Timpa of Acireale is a superposition of eruptive strata dating back to different periods: the outcrops of the ancient sedimentary soils alternate with the ancient light grey lava of the first formation of Etna and with the dark grey lava of the subsequent stage, with its particular augite crystals.

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