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Caciotta Cheese

Caciotta Cheese
Caciotta Cheese

Caciotta is a table cheese, green, with a soft texture, generally produced with all kinds of milk. The caciotta produced in Decima Malafede Nature Reserve (RomaNatura) is made with organic sheep's milk pasteurized at a temperature of 72°C and processed with lamb rennet and freeze-dried milk enzymes.
With a cylindrical shape, it is soft, elastic, and creamy and when you cut it, it shows a compact and white texture, with rare holes.
The histories of caciotta and pecorino cheese are similar, and their production technique is different only for some devices. When transhumance was abandoned and the cold chain began to develop, the producers began to sell a less mature cheese, less strong and spicy, that could be appreciated by a larger public.
From here the caciotta, whose name directly derives from "cacio" (meaning "cheese"), the term of Latin origins used since the 19th century.
It can be eaten alone or with cold cuts and it well matches with red wine.

The Producers
Marchio Natura in Campo Coop. Sociale Integrata a.r.l. - Agricoltura Nuova
Others - Roma (RM)

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