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The areas preserved by RomaNatura, both the largest ones near Grande Raccordo Anulare and those lying in the heart of the city, offer spectacular rural landscapes, a live evidence of the Roman Countryside. Characteristic sheep pastures, cereal fields, and "vegetable gardens" used both for the family requirements and the supply of the local markets. Out of almost 15,000 hectares covered by RomaNatura protected areas, about the 70% (10,000 ha) is represented by total agricultural area.
The characteristic products you find in the Capital are produced here: Rome is the first agricultural Municipality in Italy, a real "agricultural metropolis".

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Quality Brands

  Jam TartJam Tart
Among the bakery products of Decima Malafede Nature Reserve (RomaNatura), there is the traditional j... >>
  Spelt Flour BiscuitsSpelt Flour Biscuits
A confectionery specialty produced in Decima Malafede Nature Reserve (RomaNatura) is represented by ... >>
  Caciotta CheeseCaciotta Cheese
Caciotta is a table cheese, green, with a soft texture, generally produced with all kinds of milk. T... >>
  Columella's CaciofioreColumella's Caciofiore
Columella's Caciofiore can be considered a sort of "ancestor" of the Roman pecorino cheese, prep... >>
   Mature Pecorino Cheese
Pecorino cheese, originally produced in the territory of the Roman Countryside and produced today wi... >>
  Milk CreamMilk Cream
Milk cream is a green cheese spread produced with pasteurized milk and adding milk enzymes, rennet, ... >>
   Roman Ricotta Cheese
Ricotta cheese is rather widespread in Italy, and has different features according to the production... >>
   Sheep's Milk Yogurt
The geographical origin of yogurt is commonly located in Eastern Europe, from where nomadic people a... >>
BIO - Organic Farming
Eucalyptus HoneyEucalyptus Honey
Eucalyptus trees have been introduced in the Roman Countryside in the mid-19th century to favor the ... >>
BIO - Organic Farming
Mixed Flower HoneyMixed Flower Honey
Mixed flower honey is honey produced with several flower varieties. Each mixed flower honey has its ... >>
BIO - Organic Farming
Oro dei Cesari OilOro dei Cesari Oil
Oro dei Cesari oil is an excellent organic extra-virgin olive oil obtained from the monocultivar Fav... >>
PDO - Protected Designation of Origin
Raro di Villa Extra-virgin Olive OilRaro di Villa Extra-virgin Olive Oil
Raro di Villa extra-virgin olive oil, produced in Marcigliana Nature Reserve (RomaNatura), recalls w... >>
BIO - Organic Farming
 Organic Vegetables
Among the products of Insugherata Nature Reserve (RomaNatura) there are vegetables, produced with or... >>
Vegetables and Legumes
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