Islas Atlánticas de Galicia marine-terrestrial national Park
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Surface Area: 1.194,80 ha
Sea Surface: 7.285,20 ha
Establishment: 2002

From the ría of Arousa to that of Vigo, a chain of islands emerges from the ocean, and the magic of their cliffs make the marine landscape even more beautiful. On the deep ocean bottom the national park holds its most precious ecologic treasures, guarded by the cannons of the ancient vessels which sank here. This is undoubtedly a place to discover the ocean's misteries and legends.

The park represents the natural systems connected with coastal areas and with the continental platform of the Eurosiberian region. The cliffs, the scrublands, the dunes and the seashores, as well as the different types of ocean bed (rocky, sandy, or formed by seashell debris) create a vast mosaic of habitats on the islands and in the surrounding waters.

Such diversity hosts a large number of species: over 200 types of seaweed, where numerous fishes and shellfishes find a refuge and a breeding place, sea birds nesting on the cliff ledges and fishing in shallow waters, plants which adapted themselves to live on the sandy dunes or in the cliff crevices... The protection of such natural treasures is a challenge for us all.

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