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The Parks System

Val di Cornia Parks preserve a millenary history starting from the ancient Etruscan population and witnessing centuries of metal extraction and working, offering at the same time wonderful natural environments, both along the coast and on the hills. The system includes 2 Archaeological Parks, 4 Nature Parks, 3 Museums, 1 Documentation Center in five Municipalities situated in the southernmost section of Livorno province, in front of Isola d'Elba.


Baratti and Populonia Archaeological Park

Municipality of Piombino (LI)

It stretches between the slopes of Piombino promontory and the Gulf of Baratti, where the Etruscan and Roman town of Populonia was situated, a town known since ancient times for the metal extraction and working activities linked to the production of iron. It includes a significant part of the ancient town of Populonia, a unique Etruscan settlement with large necropolises, calcarenite quarries, and the industrial quarters where hematite coming from Isola d'Elba was processed to obtain iron ingots. The park includes several visiting sites giving the opportunity to appreciate the landscape changes occurred over the centuries.>>>

Populonia Territory Archaeological Museum


San Silvestro Archaeological and Mining Park

Campiglia Marittima (LI)

Situated behind Campiglia Marittima and Piombino promontory, it covers 450 hectares. The visiting routes develop among museums, mining tunnels, a medieval village of miners and foundrymen founded about one thousand years ago, and paths of historical, archaeological, geological and naturalistic interest.>>>


Sterpaia Coastal Park

Municipality of Piombino (LI)

Here we have a rare and precious humid forest, which was typical of the ancient coastal landscape of Maremma. Miraculously surviving deforestation, it was reclaimed by the municipal authority after the illegal lotting of the 1970s. An enchanted place where the visitor can wander among centuries-old oaks surrounded by the small animals that live there, finally reaching the sandy dunes and the sea.>>>


Montioni Nature Park

Municipalities of Suvereto (LI), Campiglia (LI), Piombino (LI), Massa Marittima (GR), Follonica (GR)

It covers 7,000 hectares between Cornia and Pecora Valleys, in the range of hills between Massa Marittima and Superato. These hills, of a medium height, are covered with woods dominated by holm oaks, and represent a vegetation landscape closely tied to the work of man, in particular to the production of coal and timber.>>>


Poggio Neri Forest Park

Municipality of Sassetta (LI)

Poggio Neri Park consists of an large hilly forest (700 ha) dominated by holm oaks and chestnut trees. It offers many outdoor sports opportunities like trekking, horse riding, mushroom picking, chestnut gathering, hunting, and cycling.>>>

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