Parco dell'Alpe Veglia e dell'Alpe Devero



The Park aims include the safeguard of alpine animal husbandry and the enhancement of local products. In Pian dul Sricc in Veglia and Alpe Buscagna in Devero, it has renovated stables with annexed workshop for dairy processing, respecting the local architecture. A similar renovation will be carried out at Alpe La Satta in Devero. Within the project Life Natura "Alpe Veglia e Alpe Devero: azioni di conservazione di ambienti prativi montani e di torbiere" (2003 - 2005), recovery measures dedicated to pastures and meadows have been carried out (shrub weeding, experimental grazing with Aveglinesi horses, water points, fences, etc.).
Veglia and Devero preserve still today their mountain pastures characterized by a millenary production activity. The cheese produced here is a mountain cheese obtained with cow's milk, fat or medium fat, hard texture and half-cooked cheese. After a seasoning lasting at least 60 days, the rounds of cheese have a cylindric shape, with low and straight edges. In the mountain pastures, in the "Great East" of Devero, in Sangiatto and Forno the so-called Bettelmatt is produced, a fat cheese obtained from whole milk processing, whose fragrance derives from high-mountain herbs, some of which give the cheese a unique taste. After one thousand years of exclusive use of Veglia and Devero like summer grazing lands, at the beginning of the third Millennium these high-mountain grasslands acquire new values. The ancient grazing lands become a great setting where man can walk, study, and learn.

Brindled cows Sangiatto
Brindled cows Sangiatto
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Bettelmatt® is a cheese obtained from the raw whole milk coming from one milking, mainly from Brown breed cows. The curd curdles in about 40 minutes, is subsequently broken into grains of the size of a red currant berry and cooked at a temperature...
Category: Cheese
Butter, which was highly perishable in the past for its preservation difficulties, is a dairy produce (whose main ingredient is the milk fat). Its processing consists of the separation of the cream - the finest one called "surfacing" and the less aromatic...
Category: Cheese
Ossolano Cheese
Production and quality features Ossolano cheese is a fat or medium fat mountain cheese, a half-cooked and hard cheese which is exclusively produced in the territory of the five Ossola Mountain Communities (Valle Ossola, Valle Antigorio, Divedro, Formazza,...
Category: Cheese
Ossolano Goat Cheese
Small rounds of cheese (half a hectogram) of whole goat's milk are produced from April to October: they are the so-called furmagit ad crava, which are ideal for children and elderly people for their high digestibility. They can be eaten both when...
Category: Cheese
Ricotta Cheese
It is obtained by heating the whey obtained from cow, sheep, or goat's milk. It can be eaten fresh or sometimes also when it is mature, and in some areas it also gets salted and smoked. In the Ossola area, almost exclusively cow's milk is used,...
Category: Cheese
It is sometimes produced in the summer pastures with whole milk: it is a fat and soft cheese with a squared and rather low shape, and a thin and light brown rind.
Category: Cheese
Green cheese made with cow's milk, which is sometimes mixed with sheep or goat's milk: they represent an important section of the cheese production and consumption. You can them au naturel, seasoned, or preserved in salt or oil.
Category: Cheese
It is technically a kind of cheese, but the differences in its processing regard the species of microorganisms used as enzymes, the incubation temperature, and the kind of milk to work; its density reminds a cream pudding and you can taste it au naturel...
Category: Cheese
Ossolano Honey
It is the food product that honeybees produce from the flower nectar or from secretions produced by live parts of plants that they gather, transform, and combine with their own specific substances, store, and let it ripen in the honeycombs of the beehive....
Category: Honey
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