Parco Naturale del Colle del Lys



If you want to discover and understand the natural features of the Park, you should go along the trails of Col del Lys, following (so that you will not run risks) the itineraries described below.

Tours in the Park

  • New trail going from Col del Lys to Colle della Portia and Lunella summer grazing lands. It has been recently enlarged and provided with artificial snow plant. It is used in winter as cross-country ski track. It coincides with the final stretch of the Resistance Trail (subsequently described) reaching the Colle.

  • Of the ancient mule track connecting Col del Lys with Col della Portia, only the last stretch remains. It leaves from the new trail, immediately after a small fountain. It is a short but charming itinerary which, running along the ancient ways of connection, seems to bring visitors back to the past.

  • Climb to Mt. Arpone from the square of Colle del Lys, with great panorama from the top (Climbing time: about 1 hour)

  • From the SP road near Mompellato to Madonna della Bassa Sanctuary, rising in a panoramic position, by taking a carriage road.

Archive CEDRAP / Farina Antonio
Archive CEDRAP / Farina Antonio

Tours towards the Park

  • Resistance Trail which leaves from Frazione Toglie (990m), in Val Viù and, touching Colle Lunella, gets to Col del Lys. It was in the past a way of connection and supply between Valli di Lanzo and Valle di Susa used by partisan groups and it was one of the theaters of the war against the Nazi-Fascists. Along the route there are summer mountain huts where you can buy local products; the last kilometers offer great views over Valle di Viù. Another trail witnessing dramatic events during the rounding-up operations organized by the Nazi-Fascists develops for 4 km, leaving from Madonna della Bassa Sanctuary and reaching Col del Lys: it was used by the partisans as observation point over the whole Susa Valley.

  • Climb from the country hamlet Fubina di Viù to Colle del Lys, across Richiaglio and Muande Benna, to get then to Colle della Lunella; from here, you can go ahead and reach Colle della Portia and then Colle del Lys. Accessible all the year round, but recommended above all at the beginning of summer and autumn (walking time: about 4 hours)

  • From Val della Torre, leaving from Molino di Punta, to Colli Lunella and Portia, along an ancient trail (climbing time: about 2 hours and 20 minutes)

  • From Molar del Lupo (fraz. Di Viù), along the narrow ravine of Rio di Richiaglio, eventually passing through Colle Grisoni, to get to Colle della Lunella (walking time: about 5 hours and 30 minutes)

Tours towards the Park

Tours in the Mountains Surrounding the Park

  • Mt. Civrari (2,304m): leaving from borgata Suppo, near the Colle, you will enjoy a wonderful panorama over the Park area. You can also climb by crossing Colle della Fraj, near the homonymous country hamlet, passing through the country hamlet Luvetera and reaching Muande Freste, along a trail rising above the town of Niquidetto, and follow from here the basin of Rio Civrari.

  • Punta della Croce, connected with Punta Imperatoria (2,234m), where you can enjoy a wonderful panorama over Valle di Viù and Colle del Lys; along the route you may see the chamois. You can also climb by leaving from Muande Soffietti, crossing Colle della Bassa.

  • Mt. Rognoso (1,950m), a balcony over the Turin plain on which you will also find practice walls for climbing.

  • Mt. Colombano (1,658m), panoramic mountain you can reach climbing Colle Lunella.

Archive CEDRAP / Farina Antonio
Archive CEDRAP / Farina Antonio
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