Parco Naturale del Colle del Lys



If you love eating and rediscovering local traditions at the same time, here is a list of the specialties of Colle del Lys, where Food Trotters and Gastronauts will find a perfect combination between nature and gastronomic and wine culture.
In lower Val di Susa, in order to safeguard the production and organoleptic features of some products, the Municipality of Rubiana established DE.CO. – the Municipal Designation of Origin for the enhancement of local food and agricultural products.
The cheese products include Brus, white and with a more or less aromatic and spicy taste, Murianengo with a crumbly heart surrounded by a compact and rough rind with a yellow-reddish color, and Tomino di Rubiana (DECO), a white cheese with a strong taste.
Cold cuts are several and varied: Bondiola, made with beef and pork, the medium-coarse grained Salame Mica where, instead of the bowels, herbs and home-made wheat and rye flours are used, and the very particular Prosciutto crudo della Valle di Susa, the one and only raw ham seasoned in Piedmont. Among the confectionery products, Rubianesi (DECO) stand out: they are flat and oval-shaped biscuits with a "furrow" in their upper part, whose main ingredient is the Piedmont Hazelnut. Tegolini di Favella and Focacce Rubianesi are also DECO products: you can find them in the local confectioneries or bakeries, together with the so-called Sweet Focaccia di Susa and Lose, a dry biscuit whose shape recalls the stone covering of the houses (lose). Cheese, confectionery products, or cold cuts deserve to be served with a fine local wine. Wine growing of Val di Susa obtained in 1997 the designation VALSUSA DOC, reserved to red wine, including new wine, obtained from grapes coming from vines with the following composition: Avanà, Barbera, Dolcetto, Neretta Cuneese, used alone or together.
Also in Valle di Viù it is possible to taste several cooking specialties and find the local products characterizing more in general Valle di Lanzo.
Toma di Viù, Toma di Lanzo and Tomini di Capra are the most widespread kinds of cheese in the area, all characterized by the strong taste of the milk coming from high-mountain pastures.
Among the cold cuts, there are Salame di Turgia, prepared with chosen beef, Salame della Rosa, made with young beef, soft and tasty, and the so-called Mocette obtained from various kinds of seasoned meat, giving them a dark color and a strong taste.
Among the confectionery products the Ofele, thin wafers prepared on the occasion of celebrations, Torcetti di Lanzo and Paste di meliga, dry desserts based on corn flour and butter.
Rye bread and the small berries from which an excellent liquor is obtained are also worth a mention, as well as the mountain herbs with which you can prepare scented and fine herb teas according to ancient recipes, Genepì and various grappa.
Fine local wines are not present, but it is possible to find the best Piedmont wines.

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