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Cà della Matta (photo by PR Colli di Bergamo)
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(photo by PR Colli di Bergamo)
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Cotinus coggygria - Eurasian smoketree (photo by PR Colli di Bergamo)

Natural and Architectural Beauties...

The Park includes the historical-monumental area of Città Alta di Bergamo (the upper old town) and the surrounding hills, rich in several woodlands and terraced slopes with vegetable gardens, meadows, and vineyards, up to the river environments of the plain along the rivers Serio and Brembo. The broadleaf tree high forests on the slopes of Canto Alto, in Valle del Giongo, and in Astino and Allegrezza woodlands are of great naturalistic value. The natural landscape of the western hills of Bergamo is also enriched by several rural and residential buildings of great architectural and monumental importance, as well as by the former monastery in Astino and the ruins of Castello dell'Allegrezza.

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Surface Area: 4'700.00 ha
Provinces: BG
Establishment: 1977
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