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The 80% of Colli Euganei Park is represented by cultivated land.
Colli Euganei Park is a very particular place, shaped by human activities over the millennia: vineyards in the Colli were already cultivated during the Iron Age, the olive tree during the Roman period.
The Park Authority has the task to guarantee and promote the traditional local productions, for a balanced development of the local economy

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Chestnuts of the Euganean Hills
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Category: Fruit
Colli Euganei Cherries
Cultivated in almost all the territory of Colli Euganei for centuries, cherries are one of the most characteristic products of the Park. Since when they were sold only in some local markets, their production has been increasing in the whole area of Colli...
Category: Fruit
Jujube Fruits
In Colli Euganei, in particular in the Municipality of Arquà Petrarca, the jujube tree is cultivated in almost every garden and its fruits are one of the best known and most celebrated distinguishing features of this territory. The Jujube Festival...
Category: Fruit
Small Fruits
Blackberries, raspberries, pomegranates, jujubes, strawberry tree berries, hazelnuts, medlars, and almonds are only a few of the most appreciated delicacies of the hills. Used to prepare preserves and fruit jellies, juices and sirups, they cheer up the...
Category: Fruit
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