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Erto and Casso Visitor Center

Specialties: Traditions
Piazzale del Ritorno
33080 Erto e Casso (PN)
Municipality: Erto e Casso
Region: Friuli Venezia Giulia

Erto e Casso Visitor Center (PN) is situated in the town of Erto, in the premises of the former elementary school.
It is one of the most important and complete documentation center on the disaster of Vajont and represents a valid reference point for studies and research activities.
The first section "Vajont Immagini e memorie" houses a rich collection of period photos.
The route will lead you back in time to discover traditions, uses and costumes of the population of Vajont before the tragic event which took place on 9th October 1963, until the fateful night when the huge landslide broke away from Mt. Toc and fell into the artificial lake, causing 2,000 victims.

The second section: "Uno spazio della memoria" describes in a detailed and scientific manner the whole event, from the planning of the hydroelectric basin of Vajont up to the trial. Everything is told through descriptive panels. Moreover, you can see tables, graphic representations, and compare descriptive relief models.
In the multimedia hall a cd-rom gives you the opportunity to have an overall view of the disaster, to observe the graphic reconstruction of the landslide, and to watch original videos of that time.
The double cd-rom of the exhibit can be purchased in our info points or online (buy).

The Vajont Catastrophe - A Place in Memory
The Park Visitor Center offer visitors the opportunity to remember the catastrophe which took place on 9th October 1963.
The natural environment of the valley has been upset and the community suffered:

  • losses and ruins
  • a bad management of the risk, both "before" with exceeding optimism and "after" with exceeding caution
  • a bad management of the emergency and work of reconstruction

For decades, the community has been forced to live out of the valley, deprived of its economy and brought to division.
Over thirty years have passed, but Justice completed its course only a few years ago.

Opening times:

Exhibits "Vajont: immagini e memorie" and "La catastrofe del Vajont -uno spazio della memoria"
Opening hours and further information

Entrance fee: 3 Euros.

For groups, by previous booking: Tel. +39 0427 87333.

Erto and Casso Visitor Center
Erto and Casso Visitor Center
Erto and Casso Visitor Center
Erto and Casso Visitor Center
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