The Autochthonous Flora Center of Regione Lombardia

Villa Bertarelli - Via Bertarelli, 11
23851 Galbiate (LC)
Municipality: Galbiate
Region: Lombardia

Tel. 0341/542266 - Fax 0341/240216
The main aim of the Autochthonous Flora Center of Regione Lombardia is to acquire knowledge and procedures which, also through the involvement of qualified private operators in the fields of agriculture and nursery gardens, can guarantee the availability of herbaceous and shrub vegetable species compatible with the local populations of Lombardy suitable for environmental rehabilitation - recovery activities, including naturalistic engineering measures, or suitable for the development of conservation projects regarding rare and/or endangered species. In this context, the activities of the Center represent a practical example of conservation biology, whose aims regard not only the study of the impact of human activities, but also the planning and the development of measures to preserve biodiversity and to prevent the extinction of the species. The Center also aims at promoting projects for the flora conservation in situ and ex situ, organized in an integrated strategy.
To achieve these aims, the activities of the Center include above all the detection of the critical situations for which it is necessary to start interventions aiming at the conservation of the vegetable biodiversity. This purpose is pursued both through the singling out by Authorities in charge of the territorial safeguard (parks and nature reserves, mountain communities, etc.), and through the critical examination of the data regarding the distribution of the vegetable species (floral cartography) and/or the consistency of the populations. Of course, the choice of the species to analyze also depends on Community, national and/or regional directives and rules.

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