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News for School Year 2019/2020 in Monte Barro Park

From the ancient sedimentary origin of the rocks, to the evidence of the passage of the Quaternary glaciers; from the very rich biodiversity that counts thousands of plant species and hundreds of animal species, to the springs that flow from the mountain; from the important research carried out by the Centro Flora Autoctona and the Ornithological Station of Costa Perla, to the intense activity of the two Ethnographic and Archaeological Museums; from the numerous huts to the over 40 kilometers of well-marked trails; from the archaeological areas that reveal the testimonies of ancient eras, to the modern visitor center with the naturalistic museum and the laboratory for environmental education.
It is rare that on a surface of only 665 hectares so many ideas and so many opportunities can be found to live educational experiences in a Park that is not risky to define unique.

The Monte Barro Park is a special place for carrying out educational activities regarding ecology, nature conservation strategies and sustainable development, as well as for discovering a territory that has been capable of stimulating comparisons and reflections on the past and on the present.

Proposals range from naturalistic to anthropological and from archaeological to historical themes, proposing workshops linked to these different areas, also through experiences along the paths of the Park or educational stays at the Monte Barro Park Hostel, designed for students of all schools.

Class interventions, excursions and practical activities in the field and in the various structures and destinations of the Park can be booked (the Cultural Tourist Center of the Eremo, the two classrooms, the Ornithological Station of Costa Perla, the Archaeological and Ethnographic Museums, the Areas archaeological sites of the Piani di Barra and Monte Castelletto, the unfinished Church of San Michele, the Study Center of the native flora).
It is also possible to build projects together with the teachers, to meet the specific needs of the class, while at the same time enhancing the experience and suggestions of the teachers.
Finally, the possibility of joining the Monte Barro Park to one or more visits to other places of high naturalistic, historical and landscape value in the Lecco area should not be forgotten.

The activities are organized by the educators and guides of Eliante Cooperative ( The school projects are constantly evolving and added over time, so we recommend to consult the website indicated on this page to find out all the news.

 For further information and bookings: - Ph. +39 366/2380659 - +39 031/3100868 - -

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Click here to find all the Environmental Education Proposals (Italian text)

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