Olive growing and sheep breeding are the activities on which Comunità Montana del Lario orientale decided to focus after joining the Park managing association, in order to relaunch agriculture and diversify the production. The return of the olive tree will give the opportunity to recover large terraced surfaces divided into small allotments, which had been abandoned with the decline of cultivation. As far as the zootechnical field is concerned, the aim is to reintroduce the Brianzola sheep. Known in the countryside of the Lario area as a home-grown sheep, this big sheep with a very white fleece, very prolific and with extraordinarily developed udders, had its best times in the 1930s and 1940s, with the creation of the genealogical book. Today it is almost extinct: considering its reintroduction (linked to the recovery of traditional breeding techniques of the sheep used for the meat production), the few "pure" surviving specimens are under selection. The field which resisted most to the crisis of agriculture in the post-war period has been apiculture, mainly sedentary apiculture. The honey (acacia, chestnut tree, flowers) can be sold with a trademark guaranteeing its origin from the provinces of Como and Lecco and the respect of certain qualitative features.

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