Archaeological Park of Prati di Barra and Antiquarium Gothicum

In 286 Milan became the capital of the Roman Empire. Also after the transfer of the seat in Ravenna in 402, Milan maintained a great importance thanks to its central position with respect to the connections of the Po Plain with central Europe. In order to protect it from the pressure of the barbarians, its walls were renewed and several castles were built at the entrance of the alpine valleys and near the lakes; among them, one of the most famous castles is the one built on Mt. Barro.
Between 1986 and 1997, the Park promoted archaeological researches which confirmed the thruthfulness of the legends which, since the Middle Ages, talked about Barro as the seat of a mythical town.
The excavations brought back to life the rests of a Gothic castle, among which a settlement in Piani di Barra and a large defensive system surrounding most of the mountain. In 1992 a guided route giving the opportunity to visit the archaeological finds was created.
The Archaeological Park covers about 8 ha in an environmental context of great landscape impact, equipped for self-guided visits.
Another area of archaeological interest regards the ruins of walls and towers which can be seen along the final stretch of the street leading to the Hermitage of Mt. Barro, where the one and only street crossing the Park ends. Finally, on the southern slope of the mountain you can visit the fortification wall, locally called "muraiöö", which enclosed the whole site, with three towers on as many ridges.
The most interesting finds are on display in the Antiquarium (Italian text), at the Park Center in location Eremo di Monte Barro.

Province: Lecco Region: Lombardy
Archaeological Park of Prati di Barra and Antiquarium GothicumArchaeological Park of Prati di Barra and Antiquarium Gothicum
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