Parco Nazionale dell'Arcipelago di La Maddalena

Museum of the Sea and of the Sailors' Traditions

Tales of men and women who lived in the islands

07024 Island of Caprera (SS)
Municipality: La Maddalena
Region: Sardegna

The Museum of the Sea and of the Sailors' Tradition was born from an idea of the local section of "Italia Nostra" and represents a perfect example of balance between the two main goals of the Park: nature and culture. The need for environmental education and the need to preserve local traditions and hand them down to future generations combine in the Center of Stagnali, in Caprera Island, to give life to an exhibit based on the roots of the culture of La Maddalena.
The Museum of the Sea opened in 2006 according to the will of the Park Authority but, above all, thanks to the work of the volunteers belonging to the association "Italia Nostra". Many privates and institutions have contributed – from the Navy, in particular the Military Navy Shipyard, to the local fishermen and all those who, in various fields, were linked to the sea. The Museum aims at representing, as far as the knowledge of local traditions is concerned, a reference point for both present and future generations.
The Museum collects photographs, documents, and objects, as well as anything regarding the recovery of the ancient local culture, indissolubly linked to the sea and what is related to it.
Through a chronological route, we have tried to reconstruct – with the knowledge recovered thanks to the help of many people who are witnesses of this culture – the whole history, in a simple and direct way, of the community of La Maddalena and the Archipelago, from the Neolithic Age to present times.
The Museum is organized in "sections", each of which collects objects mentioned in the explanation of the tour guide. Therefore, the visit develops thanks to the oral exposition of particularly significant historical events, since we have tried to collect the essential elements from the community.

If you want to visit the Museum and organize visits for organized or school groups, you can contact Mrs Lucia Spanu, from the section of "Italia Nostra" in La Maddalena, by calling the number +39 340 6909913.
Museum of the Sea
Museum of the Sea
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