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(La Maddalena, 11 Mar 21)

Do you remember "Speranza Teresina", the loggerhead sea turtle in difficulty, recovered last February 25 by a fishing boat off Capo Testa?

After the recovery intervention of the La Maddalena Park with the SEAME Sardinia Association, in coordination with the local AMP of Capo Testa Punta Falcone, the Forestry Corps of Environmental Surveillance and the local Coast Guard Beach Delegation, the was delivered to the staff of the CRAMA Association, which manages the Marine Animal Recovery Centre of the Asinara National Park.

Are you curious how it turned out? The specimen was subjected to clinical diagnostic investigations which immediately identified, thanks to radiographs, dark areas in the intestine.

The hypothesis that it could be a constipation from ingestion of plastic had to be confirmed. Therefore, the biologists and the veterinarian of the CRAMA fed Speranza Teresina with very fatty fish, to facilitate the evacuation of any heavy material present in her intestine.

Our turtle - for a few days - has therefore finally started to expel some plastic material. If she had not been recovered at sea - in an evident state of difficulty - Speranza Teresina would almost certainly have died!

There are too many plastic residues that navigate our seas, seriously endangering the life of marine animals. We remind you that the loggerhead sea turtle in the Mediterranean Sea is classified as "endangered" in the Red List of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and a priority species according to the Habitats Directive. Therefore, it needs particular attention from a conservation point of view.

We will continue to give you news on Speranza Teresina's state of health and we are sure that she will make it and can return to live in her natural environment.

In case of stranding and / or sighting of sea turtles, dolphins or other cetaceans in distress, do not get too close to the animal, avoid touching it and immediately call the Port Authority (𝟭𝟱𝟯𝟬) or the CVFA (𝟏𝟓𝟏𝟓).


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extruded material
extruded material
too much plastic in our seas
too much plastic in our seas
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