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The local cuisine is closely linked to the traditions of the past. Due to the altitude and unfavorable climatic conditions, agricultural production is limited but of high qualitative value. In the past the economy of the valley was very poor and limited to the breeding of sheep and cattle and the processing of a few fields of rye and barley.

Nowadays these activities have been significantly reduced, with the exception of cattle breeding, to make way for the decidedly more profitable tourism business.
In the summer months the natural products that can be found are mushrooms and berries
. The dairy products, such as milk, butter, ricotta and cheese, play a rather important role during the summer season. In this period animals, coming also from other areas, are conducted on the alpine pastures of the valley where the high floristic variability of the pastures allows to obtain high quality products. During the rest of the year the milk produced by the farmers of the valley is conferred both at Caseificio Sociale of Moena and Predazzo and at the Caseificio Sociale Val di Fassa, where the "Puzzone di Moena" and the "Cuor di Fass" are produced respectively. .

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Cuor di Fassa / Cher de Fascia
A cheese of the Fassa tradition, produced by Caseificio Sociale Val di Fassa, characterized by an intense flavor and a strong taste. It belongs to the category of smear-ripened cheeses, which allow the formation of fermentations that give life to intense...
Category: Cheese
Puzzone di Moena
It is a very characteristic cheese, recognizable by its moist rind, covered with a greasy patina, due to its particular sharp smell and its unmistakable taste. When cut, it is presented with a full white or straw-colored pasta with a scattered hole....
Category: Cheese
Quality Brands:
Slow Food Presidium
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