Riserva Naturale Regionale Adelasia

nome fotografia1
Roe deer (photo by RR Adelasia)
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Picnic in the old barn (photo by RR Adelasia)
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Rocche Manua (photo by Filippo Serafini)

Nature, History, and Legends...

Geomorphological important features (Rocca dell'Adelasia, karst caves and phenomena), places rich in water, and imposing beech tree woodlands growing together with Mediterranean formations represent the main features of this unique Nature Reserve in Liguria, entirely state-owned.
The Nature Reserve has been named after the fortress called in this way for princess Adelasia, the daughter of Emperor Otto I of Saxony who, according to the popular legend, during her flight to Liguria with her beloved Aleramo, the henchman she had married against her father's will, found a safe shelter in these woodlands before reaching the coast where they founded the town of Alaxia, the present Alassio.
Moreover, these places were the theater of Montenotte battle, fought on 11th and 12th April 1796 between the French troops and the Piedmont-Austrian troops, one of the most important moments of modern history because, if Napoleon had lost this battle, the history of the 20th century would have been completely different. In the woodlands, it is still possible to see the trenches of Bric Tesoro, places which maintained intact their charm:  rumor has it that they still talk to people who wants to listen, and tell what happened 200 years ago.

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Surface Area: 1'370.00 ha
Provinces: SV
Establishment: 2009
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