Besides the historical cultivations (vineyard and olive grove), a careful management of other local resources is one of the Park's aims: from the aromatic herbs to the processing of the chestnut in gastronomy and in perfumes, with the possibility to create a number of microactivities able to make the territory revive, promoting at the same time an interesting economic perspective which favors their active maintenance. The park aims at making these activities real with the creation of a lab where it is possible to transform the herbs in essences and cosmetic products.
Another important purpose lies in the progressive introduction of naturopathy techniques, of prevention and health education: the Park would like to become a reference point for a cultural tourism looking for psycho-physical health, which is linked to the essential need of respecting the environment, of having a lifestyle in harmony with natural laws and leading to a better quality of life. The model of ecocompatible development provided by the Park does not only deal with the naturalistic and marine biology aspects, but also with the whole Cinque Terre ecosystem which forms itself and preserves itself thanks to men who settle here with their culture; as a matter of fact, naturophaty includes all the branches of natural medicine, sometimes called complementary and other times alternative, which are based on very ancient knowledge of man about nature, revised and corrected by modern science and modern technology.
The most important aim is to give birth to a general process of sustainable development, by improving the quality of life of the individuals and trying to demonstrate that economic competitiveness and environmental compatibility are not one against the other, but can find a process to blend with the right balance.

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Despite the great demand, sciacchetrà, a legendary raisin wine and the symbol of Cinque Terre, is nowadays almost impossible to find. For this reason, it is important that such considerable cultural evidences continue to exist as authentic elements...
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