Authorized Diving Centers in the two Zones A (besides zones B and C)

Diving Centers

Seawatching in Cinque Terre Marine Protected Area

Cinque Terre Marine Protected Area promotes Seawatching activities with the aim to draw children and adults near to scientific knowledge and the consequent respect of the marine environment, in an adventurous and funny context.
The most specific activity consists of searching the seabed from the surface by using mask and mouthpiece ("Snorkeling"); diving activities without breathing apparatus and with aqualung are not held.

  • The participants will be provided summer diving suit, as well as the necessary didactic and scientific material (guidebooks, texts, etc.).
  • The participants must demonstrate to be able to swim, have mask, flippers, and mouthpiece, and know how to use it.
  • Only those people who have had snorkeling experiences can take part in the night courses.

The activities include searching with departure from the nearest coast, using authorized boats (only Junior courses and Night tours); programs may vary according to weather and sea conditions.

The Courses are: Junior (9-13 years), Senior (14-18), Adult (from 19 years); if participants are not enough to justify the separation of Senior and Adult courses, there will be only one course formed by sub-groups considering the differences of age.

The complete program of Junior Courses includes:
- 1st day - Monday afternoon: safety in the sea, aquatic tests
- 2nd day - Tuesday morning: searching the seabed, leaving from the beach
- 3rd day - Wednesday morning: tour by boat and searching the seabed
- 4th day - Thursday afternoon and evening: final re-elaboration activity; slide projection in the square by night.

Senior and Adult Courses include only 3 meetings and are held during the weekend, usually on Saturday (morning and afternoon) and on Sunday (morning).

Night Tours consist of 1 meeting and are usually held on Saturday.
There will be one operator every 4 pupils, with variations in specific cases. For adults, the ratio can be 1/5. The operators are Naturalists or Biologists, with knowledge of marine biology, experiences in underwater activities and competence in environmental education.

Subscriptions can be made in the Welcome Centers of Cinque Terre National Park or by directly contacting Cooperativa Natour.
Each course can have no more than 8 participants (no. 10 for adults) with the necessary requirements and materials.

Subscriptions: In the Park Welcome Centers (c/o Railway Stations) - Secretary for the subscriptions mobile +39 334 7132882
Information: mobile +39 333 7361601

Seawatching in Cinque Terre Marine Protected Area

The Ecological Boat

A versatile and fast boat, developed and planned as means for the integrated safeguard of the sea and of its resources

Since 2004, Cinque Terre Marine Protected Area has a depolluting ecological boat (sea-sweeping boats): the orange ecological boat, a versatile and fast boat, born and planned as instrument for the integrated safeguard of the sea and its resources: it is the ecological boat of the Environmental Safeguard Service of Cinque Terre National Park-Marine Protected Area, aimed at the conservation and safeguard of the ecological and environmental features of the coastal marine areas organized an integrated system of environmental safeguard coordinated through the use of this boat.
The service is carried out by suitably trained qualified MPA staff (two crewmen are on board), and is articulated through interventions for the recovery of the solid-floating and beached material, monitoring of the coastal marine area, prevention with regard to enviromental legislation, assistance and support for rescue at sea, as well as any assistance and various services.

Further information

The Ecological Boat
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