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River Tiber (photo by RR Tevere Farfa)
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(photo by RR Tevere Farfa)
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(photo by RR Tevere Farfa)

The Birdwatchers' Paradise

In Nazzano, Tevere-Farfa Regional Nature Reserve you can discover a particularly valuable natural environment. Nature trails and observation huts along the banks of the river Tiber reveal the aquatic life of the Park; the "Museum of the River" and the "Museum of the Night" will help you to understand the ecosystem of this environment; picnic areas will give you the opportunity to spend a day at direct contact with nature; the boats "Airone" and "Martin Pescatore" will lead you along the "Trail of the River". There are also historical and cultural interesting features linked to the Municipalities of Nazzano, Torrita Tiberina and Montopoli di Sabina. A world between land and water…

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Surface Area: 705.00 ha
Provinces: RM
Establishment: 1979
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