Local Products and Traditions

The territory of the Nature Reserve is a bridge between the Sabine traditions and the traditions of the Roman countryside. Some of the foodstuffs are produced in small farmsteads situated within the Nature Reserve, some of which are family-run farmsteads. The town celebrations and festivals represent the best occasion to taste the local homemade traditional products that are usually prepared by women, who still preserve ancient recipes handed down from generation to generation. The tastes of the local products are genuine, simple but strong, characteristic of the local rural culture.

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Amaretto is a pastry based on almond paste, made with sugar, egg white, sweet and bitter almonds. Aromas, honey, milk, and yeast can be added. It has a round shape resembling a small cap, and a wrinkled surface. Crisp amaretti have an alveolar inner structure....
Category: Sweets
Anise Ring-shaped Cake
Like wine ring-shaped cakes, anise ring-shaped cakes boast a long tradition. Their preparation, rather widespread in Lazio, has been handed down from generation to generation. Anise ring-shaped cakes are characterized for a more or less intense anise...
Category: Sweets
Civitella S. Paolo Anise Plait
Anise salted bread with the characteristic plait shape. The processing consists of two leavening cycles at room temperature. The anise plait is more or less soft, has a light brown thin crust, and inner white dough. Cooking at 245 - 240°C for 30 minutes....
Category: Sweets
Very sweet biscuits prepared with common wheat flour, local toasted and fresh walnuts and hazelnuts, local mixed flower honey, pepper, natural aromas (grated orange peel). Mostaccioli have a very light brown crust and a rhomboid shape. Cooking at 170°C...
Category: Sweets
Round or cap-shaped cake with an amber color and an almond, walnut, and cocoa taste. The main ingredients are flour, walnuts, hazelnuts (Gentile romana), almonds, pistachios, dried figs, honey, pine nuts, candied fruits (citron, orange), raisins, plain...
Category: Sweets
Ring-shaped Pastry
Anise or wine sweet pastry prepared with sugar, eggs (a few), anise liquor, Sabina Oil PDO, white wine, orange seeds, grated lemon peel, common wheat, leaven (a small quantity).
Category: Sweets
Calzone with Vegetables
Rectangular or half moon shaped calzone filled with vegetables (chard, chicory, or courgettes) with a slightly spicy taste.
Category: Bread
Potato Bread (with mashed potatoes)
Bread with characteristic sweetish taste. It has a brown-hazel thin crust with superficial cuts. Inside, the dough is white with more or less big holes. The ingredients are: common wheat flour, about 5% wholemeal flour, mashed potatoes or potatoes in...
Category: Bread
White Pizza
White pizza prepared with common wheat, water, leaven, extra-virgin olive oil, and salt. The dough is left leavening at a room temperature and worked by hand. After cooking, the white pizza is sprinkled with extra-virgin olive oil.
Category: Bread
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