The Itineraries in the Sustainable Management Oriented Nature Reserve

In Riserva Naturale Orientata (Sustainable Management Oriented Nature Reserve), ERSAF has created two educational trails to lead visitors to the discovery and understanding of the surrounding nature, in the respect of it. The trails are easy if you are adequately trained and they include one slightly more demanding passage between Passo Stretto and Alpe Pessina, where the soil is slippery and steep. It is recommended to wear trekking shoes and mountain clothes.

The Itineraries in the Sustainable Management Oriented Nature Reserve
"Maurizio Monti" Wildlife Path
Typology: On foot
Duration: 4 h
Typology: On foot
Via dei Canti
Typology: On foot
Duration: 3 h

The Itineraries in the Strict Nature Reserve

Consistently with the aim to avoid human interference in this part of the Reserve, the access is allowed only along two trails: Alpe Fiorina - Bocchetta di Regagno and Alpe Fiorina - Bocchetta del Boi and Alpe Noresso. It is forbidden to abandon the trails and also in Alpe Fiorina, where you will find a picnic area, you can only stop for a short time to avoid disturbing the wildlife.
Picnic Areas
  • At the entrance of the Forest: information panel
  • Alpe Serte: fountain, tables, fire lighting point, toilet, roofing for shelter.
  • At Pannello dell'Orso (Panel 4): tables and fire lighting point.
  • Alpe Pessina: spring, tables, mountain hut-shelter always open, fire lighting point.
  • Alpe Fiorina: In the strict area of the Reserve, tables and fountain, shelter if authorized, prohibition to stop for a long time.

Rules of Behavior

Let's not consider them as limits set to our freedom, but as the only way to enjoy, together with other people, an untouched and generous nature.

  • In order to protect animals, plants, flowers, and fruits harmoniously forming the landscape, hunting, fishing, collecting mushrooms, berries, flowers, and fossils are not allowed in the Reserve.
  • Do not "pollute" the natural features of the Reserve and do not endanger it: neither camping nor lighting fires outdoors is allowed.
  • Maximum respect for the Strict Nature Reserve: more than elsewhere, here we are nature's guests, so let's respect the rules we can read at the entrance gates.
  • For most of the local fauna, dogs belong to the "dangerous predators" category: don't bring them with you.
  • Wastes are not part of the natural environment: take them away with you
  • Picnic areas have been created to make your stop more comfortable, use them.
  • Do not abandon the trails: besides avoiding any damage, you will also avoid ticks.

Silence is the magic door that will enable us to see and listen to the life of nature surrounding us: avoid loud noises and switch off your mobile phone, which does not have enough roaming range here. Without a doubt, the sounds of the Forest will be rewarding.

The Itineraries in the Strict Nature ReserveThe Itineraries in the Strict Nature Reserve
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