Points of Interest

Bus de la Noga

Just outside the western border of the Reserve, towards Alpe Mapel at 1,310m, it is possible to visit "Bus de la Noga" cave, also called "Grotta dell'Orso" (Cave of the Bear).
Here several fossil finds belonging to the Cave Bear (Ursus Spelaeus) have been found. The Cave Bear used to live in this valley in the Pleistocene. These finds are preserved in Museo Cantonale di Storia Naturale in Lugano.


Tana del Lupo

It is another cave, not very deep. This cave is situated along the two educational tails created by ERSAF in the area of the Reserve, and can be a temporary shelter in case of bad weather.


The Monumental Whitebeam

This Whitebeam (Sorbus aria L.) with an imposing size (girth 285cm, height 12m) is situated near Alpe Pessina, along the route of the educational trails, and you can observe it at the end of a short uphill trail to Mt. Bronzone.

Monumental whitebeam
Monumental whitebeam

Observation Place

Along the educational trails, between Alpe Pessina and Alpe Serte, there is a roofed-over structure where it is possible to observe the opposite slopes and sight chamois grazing or the Golden Eagle flying about.



An ancient lime kiln at Alpe Serte.

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