Diemtigtal regional nature park
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Surface Area: 13'540.00 ha
Establishment: 2011
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Alp (photo by PR Diemtigtal)
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Summer on the mountains (photo by PR Diemtigtal)
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Bridge along the nature trail (photo by PR Diemtigtal)

Our valley, your park

The valley of Diemtig (Diemtigtal) is Simmental's main side valley and - since September 2011 - an acknowledged Regional park. Diemtigtal boasts several landscape treasures, which are yet partially unknown: for instance, this is Switzerland's largest alpine pasture area, flourishing on 67 hectares. Thanks to the long tradition of extensive agriculture, the area preserves a rich biodiversity, and also has wonderful hiking trails on meadows between 1,000 and 1,800 metres ASL.

Farming and forestry have been contributing for generations to the shaping of the beautiful landscape. The planned forest reserve will be the basis for the further development of the local unique flora and fauna, in need of sustainable care and protection.

Identity Card
Surface Area: 13'540.00 ha
Establishment: 2011
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