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  • Church of Romainmôtier (Jura vaudois regional nature park)

In Switzerland, nature and landscape protection are set in the Federal constitution, and cantons are in charge of enforcing laws accordingly. The Federal Office for the Environment, together with its partners, works to protect and promote nature and landscape as a whole, in their diversity and in harmony with man.  Read more

National Parks

 Swiss National Park17.030 ha
 Parco Nazionale Adula (candidato)n.d.
 Parco Nazionale del Locarnese (candidato)n.d.

Regional Parks

 Diemtigtal regional nature park13.540 ha
 Park Ela54.800 ha
Unesco Man and BiosphereBiosphere reserve Entlebuch39.400 ha
 Gruyère Pays-d'Enhaut regional nature park50.246 ha
 Jura vaudois regional nature park53.000 ha
 Pfyn-Finges nature park (candidate)31.886 ha
 Thal regional park13.933 ha
 Binntal Landscape Park18.120 ha
 Parco naturale Beverin37.300 ha
 Biosfera Val Müstair20.000 ha
 Parco regionale Chasseral38.700 ha
 Parco naturale regionale del Doubs37.800 ha
 Parco naturale regionale Gantrisch40.200 ha
 Parco regionale del Giura argoviese24.400 ha

Nature Discovery Parks

 Zürich-Sihlwald nature discovery park1.000 ha

Other Protected Areas

 Bolle di Magadino natural reserve660 ha
 Parco delle Gole della Breggia65 ha

The photo next to the name of the protected area means that you will find information directly updated by the respective Park Authorities.
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