Zürich-Sihlwald nature discovery park
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Surface Area: 1'000.00 ha
Establishment: 2008
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Panorama in October (photo by Wildnispark Zürich-Sihlwald)
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Lynx (photo by Wildnispark Zürich-Sihlwald)
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Activities on the nature trail (photo by Wildnispark Zürich-Sihlwald)

To the rhythm of nature

Zürich-Sihlwald is a unique combination of wood, wilderness and animals. Its two zones - Sihlwald and Langenberg - jointly cover around 1200ha.

The nature discovery park is located within the agglomeration of Zurich, Lucerne and Zug and, together with Zimmerberg, Reppischtal and the whole Albis mountain range, constitutes Switzerland's largest uninterrupted beechwood. The glacier-shaped landscape varies from steep slopes and gorges, to moors and small forest lakes; today, the park can be enjoyed as a particularly rich and diverse recreational area.

Sihlwald has been developing since 2000 as a natural wood with no human intervention. An important aspect of this process is played by dead trees, which feed and host several plants and animals. All the different trees - young, old, fallen - confer to Sihlwald a peculiar character: a wild wood with many different and hidden faces. The wood is divided into a core area, where access is subject to regulation, and a buffer zone.

In Langenberg, native or once-native animals live in vast natural facilities, and visitors can observe them in a nearly natural state. This also means that patience is required to spot the animals. The same rule applies here and in the rest of the park: if you wish to experience nature, you have to follow its rhythm.

Identity Card
Surface Area: 1'000.00 ha
Establishment: 2008
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