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  • Grapes (Kozjanski Park)

For a relatively small area, Slovenia offers a unique mosaic of biological, geographical and cultural diversity. Protected natural areas cover around 12,6% of Slovenia’s territory; 36% of the territory is protected under Natura  2000,  and almost 15,000 sites have been awarded the status “valuable natural feature”. Read more

National parks

Unesco Man and BiosphereTriglav National Park83.807 ha

Regional parks

 Kozjanski Park20.600 ha
 Notranjska Regional Park22.200 ha
Unesco World HeritageUnesco Man and BiosphereŠkocjan Caves Park415 ha
 Parco regionale Alpi di Kamnik e Savinja (in fase di istituzione)25.000 ha

Landscape parks

 Sečovlje Salina landscape park700 ha
 Strunjan Landscape park430 ha

The photo next to the name of the protected area means that you will find information directly updated by the respective Park Authorities.
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