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    Farneto Cave: Volta Canal (PR Gessi Bolognesi)

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 Karst phenomena above ground: Pulicchio di Gravina - Gravina in Puglia
(PN Alta Murgia)
Gravina in Puglia (BA)
25 Oct 15
 The chestnut tree: history, tradition and... gastronomy!
(PR Vena Gesso Romagnola)
Borgo Tossignano (BO)
25 Oct 15
 The cradle of Vezzosa
The secrets of the old woods
(PN Appennino Tosco-Emiliano)
Corniglio (PR)
Rifugio Lagdei, ore 15.00
7 Nov 15
Farneto Cave: Volta CanalGuided speleological visit to the Farneto cave
double event at 2.30 pm and 4.00 pm
(PR Gessi Bolognesi)
San Lazzaro di Savena (BO)
8 Nov 15
Didactic tourThe actions of B.Os.Co
(RR Bosco Frattona)
Imola (BO)
ore 10 - 12.30
8 Nov 15
Re Tiberio CaveSpeleological visit to the Re Tiberio cave
(PR Vena Gesso Romagnola)
Riolo Terme (RA)
15 Nov 15
 Basket weaving courses
(PN Val Grande)
Cossogno (VB)
CEA Acquamondo
from 21 Nov
to 22 Nov 15
 The actions of B.Os.Co
(RR Bosco Frattona)
Imola (BO)
ore 10 - 12.30
6 Dec 15
WolfThe Park's animals
On the wolf's traces
(PR Aveto)
Rezzoaglio (GE)
Val d'Aveto
6 Dec 15
 Torre dei Guardiani - Bosco Scoparella
Hike on foot
(PN Alta Murgia)
Ruvo di Puglia (BA)
13 Dec 15
...Moreover, in Vogogna
Guided hike
(PN Val Grande)
Vogogna (VB)
19 Dec 15
The nativity scenes of the Stura Valley
(PR Beigua)
Campo Ligure (GE)
Rossiglione (GE)
Masone (GE)
19 Dec 15

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