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    Molino Grande river Oasis (PR Gessi Bolognesi)

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from D
 Tour of the summits Ebenes Joechl or Kalvenwand
(PN Stelvio)
Martello / Martell (BZ)
5 Sep 14
Voices and nature in the nightVoices and nature at night
Night meetings with the night, discovering nature's sounds, lights and scents
(RR Bosco Frattona)
Imola (BO)
5 Sep 14
Molino Grande river OasisWalk in the Molino Grande River Oasis
(PR Gessi Bolognesi)
San Lazzaro di Savena (BO)
Oasi Molino Grande
6 Sep 14
Alba FucensAlba Fucens, the greatness of a city
History and culture
(PR Sirente - Velino)
Massa d'Albe (AQ)
6 Sep 14
Industria archaeological siteSenses routes
With Faber Teater
(Aree Protette Po e Collina Torinese)
Monteu Da Po (TO)
Sito archeologico di Industria
6 Sep 14
The great traverse of the Parmense Apennine
Along the ridge between Emilia and Tuscany
(PN Appennino Tosco-Emiliano)
Monchio delle Corti (PR)
from 6 Sep
to 7 Sep 14
The champion Marco Olmo and other athletesSky race in Parco delle Alpi Marittime
An unmissable challenge for runners
(PR Alpi Marittime)
Valdieri (CN)
Valle Gesso
7 Sep 14
Mincio by canoeMincio by Canoe
Descent along the itinerary Goito-Rivalta-Mantua
(PR Mincio)
Goito (MN)
Rodigo (MN)
Mantova (MN)
7 Sep 14
The jewels of Campo Ligure…FROM FILIGREE TO HONEY!
(PR Beigua)
Campo Ligure (GE)
7 Sep 14
(PN Val Grande)
Caprezzo (VB)
Intragna (VB)
Caprezzo - Piancavallone
7 Sep 14
 The Park's landscape by mountain bike
(PN Foreste Casentinesi)
Santa Sofia (FC)
7 Sep 14
Muse FedaieThe natural and artificial environments by Villa Welsperg
(PR Paneveggio - Pale San Martino)
Tonadico (TN)
9 Sep 14
 Deer breeding bellow
(PR Paneveggio - Pale San Martino)
Predazzo (TN)
20 Sep 14
Red deerDeer Weekend
Following deers
(PN Abruzzo, Lazio e Molise)
Pescasseroli (AQ)
Barrea (AQ)
Villetta Barrea (AQ)
Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo, Lazio e Molise
from 26 Sep
to 28 Sep 14
 Deer breeding bellow
(PR Paneveggio - Pale San Martino)
Predazzo (TN)
27 Sep 14
 Deer breeding bellow
(PR Paneveggio - Pale San Martino)
Predazzo (TN)
4 Oct 14
RussulaCourse on mushrooms
(RR Bosco di Scardavilla)
Meldola (FC)
Arena Hesperia, ore 20.30
8 Oct 14

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