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Belfort Castle
Belfort Castle

Castles and Churches

The Park is made of ancient lands.
They have been stepped on by the legendary feet of emperors and sibyls, warriors and princesses, and they bear the sings of a long story of raids, murders, attacks and struggles between noble families. You can breathe their past made of blood and power along the roads, which often follow ancient ways of communication, in the bridges, in the watchtowers, and in the several castles which, partly in ruins, scatter the valley bottoms and the summits. Of the families which struggled for the most panoramic points to watch over the territory, only gloomy ruins suffocated by the trees remain together with the names which in the past terrorized the farmers: Nanno, Flavon, Belasi, Sporo.

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San Vigilio Church - Pinzolo - Baschenis da Averara
San Vigilio Church - Pinzolo - Baschenis da Averara

Baschenis from Averara

Baschenis from Averara are a dynasty of painters who used to work in Trentino from mid-15th century to mid-16th century. Baschenis families were divided into two lines: Lanfranco's dynasty and Cristoforo's dynasty, coming from the ancient Averara Valley, in particular from Villa di Colla, today Municipality of Santa Brigida. For one century they have enriched with their frescoes the churches of Val Rendena, Giudicarie Esteriori, and Val di Non.

Malga Flavona
Malga Flavona

Summer Mountain Pastures and Malghe

Summer mountain pastures and the so-called "malghe" are an essential feature of the cultural landscape of the mountains of Adamello Brenta Park. They represent the element in which man and nature meet and, in their evolution, it is possible to read the story of this ancient union.
Since the 1950s, summer grazing activities began to be abandoned because of the change in the social and economic conditions involving agriculture.

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The Park's Valleys

There are fourteen valleys in the Park, each of them characterized by a unique landscape.

Point of InterestLocation
 Val BrentaVal Brenta ()
 Val d'AlgoneVal d'AlgoneComano Terme (TN), Stenico (TN)
 Val d'AmbiezVal d'AmbiezSal Lorenzo in Banale (TN), Dorsino (TN)
 Val delle SegheVal delle SegheMolveno (TN), Andalo (TN)
 Val di BorzagoVal di BorzagoPelugo (TN), Spiazzo (TN)
 Val di BreguzzoVal di Breguzzo ()
 Val di FumoVal di Fumo, Val di DaoneDaone (TN)
 Val di San ValentinoVal di San Valentino ()
 Val di TovelVal di Tovel ()
 Val GenovaVal GenovaStrembo (TN), Spiazzo (TN), Massimeno (TN), Caderzone (TN), Giustino (TN), Carisolo (TN)
 Val ManèzVal ManézMontagne (TN), Bocenago (TN)
 Val MeledrioVal MeledrioPinzolo (TN), Dimaro (TN), Ragoli (TN)
 Val NambroneVal NambronePinzolo (TN), Carisolo (TN), Giustino (TN)
 ValagolaValàgolaStenico (TN), Pinzolo (TN), Ragoli (TN)
 ValbonaValbonaTione di Trento (TN)
 Valle dello SporeggioValle dello Sporeggio and Gruppo della CampaSpormaggiore (TN), Cavedago (TN)
 VallesinellaVallesinella ()
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