"Luigi Einaudi" Information Center and Enel Station

Provincial road to San Giacomo, loc. Piastra
12010 Entracque (CN)
Municipality: Entracque
Region: Piemonte

Tel. 0171/978811

Visiting the "Luigi Einaudi" Information Center in the town of Entracque will help you understand the complex working of the hydroelectric plants of the upper Gesso Valley: two dams, one situated at a height of 2,000 meters and the other one at a height of 900 meters, with a lake between them. The three basins (Piastra, Rovina and Chiotas) are connected each other thanks to incredible kilometers-long underground water pipes where the water flows and makes the turbines turn, on the days and hours when the demand for energy is higher. During the other times the water challenges gravity and goes back up in order to be stored in the highest dam, namely the Chiotas. With a total power of 1,300 MW the "Luigi Einaudi" Enel Station is the biggest hydroelectric plant in Italy and one of the biggest in Europe.

A scale model simulating the functioning of the pumping hydroelectric plant, a permanent exhibition and audiovisual materials are the introduction to a fascinating guided visit to the station, which has been completely built in the bowels of the Mount Ray that you can reach by an electrical Train.
Opening times: Information about the opening hours

Entrance fee: Free visit.

Enel Visitor Center
Enel Visitor Center
'Luigi Einaudi' Information Center and Enel Station
'Luigi Einaudi' Information Center and Enel Station
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